This is Tango Now’s new production – Carmen de Buenos Aires – is a powerful synesthetic experience. Through a score based on Bizet’s beloved melodies, the collaboration of two genres (tango and flamenco), and the dazzling light design uniting storyline, choreographies, and music, the company once again mesmerizes audiences with their unique creativity, aesthetic, and artistry.

Carmen is passion, Carmen is freedom; Carmen is vulnerability and uncompromised love. Carmen is tango and flamenco! Colors, sounds, images, and the powerful deliverance of the classic story by a stellar group of artists dedicated to explore the limits of their own genre –tango–, creates nothing short than a ravishing experience.

Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo are two of the most prominent tango dancers and choreographers of their generation, Tony Award winners, they have traveled several continents showcasing their artistry through tango. Together with musician and anthropologist Alfredo Minetti they set out to create a stage extravaganza to showcase their combined talents, creating what they call “tango-theater”. The three teamed up with legendary light designer Aníbal Corrado, who unites dance, music, and story line through the fluid magic of his superb light design. Bandoneón player and composer Richard Scofano, responsible for the musical score, complements the creative team.

The cast is completed  by tango dancers Jairelbhi Furlong & George Furlong, Mariela Barufaldi & Jeremias Massera, and flamenco stars Rosa Belmonte and Jose Manuel Galvañ.  Legendary flamenco guitarist Paco Fonta completes the team for Carmen. The result is a breathtaking performance that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end!



– Fernanda Ghi & Guillermo Merlo

– Jairelbhi Furlong & George Furlong

– Rosa Belmonte

– José Manuel Galvañ

– Mariela Barufaldi & Jeremias Massera


– Alfredo Minetti (piano)

– Richard Scofano (bandoneón)

– Paco Fonta (guitar)


– Aníbal Corrado



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